Siem Reap is one of the world's most fabulous and significant historic areas that featured on Unesco's World Heritage List, the 10th largest province in Cambodia with a total population of 896,309. A home to several remains such as Beng Mealea, Bantaey Srei and the holy mountain Phnom Kulen, it is nearby to everything either by direct flights from Asian cities or by land from Phnom Penh and the Thai border. The city is known for its traditional handicrafts. In Siem Reap the lifeblood of the city is the Tourism, there are promising signs that developers are learning from mistakes that have shattered other regional hot spots with boundaries on the height of hotels and bus sizes.

Annually, the area is progressively more popular with foodies eager to sample traditional dishes such as fish amok a curry that is served in a banana leaf. It also boasts several vibrant night markets, where souvenirs like silk scarves and wood carvings can be purchased. One of the most visited here in Siem Reap are the temples located within the area, and one of them is the Angkor Thom an ancient capital of the kingdom that contains Bayon Temple. Another famous structure is the Ta Prohm that became famous when it was pictured in the film "Tomb Raider", there are plenty of other smaller temples that can be seen he area outside of Siem Reap. There is one thing in Siem Reap that every traveler must visit that is the Angkor Wat. It was constructed as a Hindu temple, the largest Hindu temple complex and largest religious monument in the world. It has been famous for having more than 3000 appealing heavenly nymphs carved into its walls, surrounded by a moat and exterior wall covered with carvings all over it. Since Buddhism became Cambodia's dominant religion in the 14th century, Angkor Wat has served as the Buddhist temple.

Since Siem Reap had overcome adversity in the past, they are complying for their country to surpass all the challenges and make it possible to arise. Siem Reap has markets and the most popular above it all is the Psar Chaa, where you can see all the souvenirs you would want to give as a gift or can be one of the designs posted in your house. Cambodian foods such as pork, soups and Prahok a Cambodian fish paste. Every April until November the climate in Siem Reap is wet season but the rest of the year is proximately hot, it never fails to fall under the temperature of 30 C.

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